Watercolors 1

Fishermen    Regatta    Engenhoca Beach    Teles Arch    Study I    Study II

Study III    Study IV    Study V    Study VI    Study VII    Study VIII    Aline    Flamengo Basket

Santa Rita Church and Square    Close to Horto    Sereno Side Street    Window with Flowers    Luzia Little Flowers    Comércio Side Street

Flowers Close to Fence    Van Gogh Sunflowers    São Bento Monastery    Walking in the Rain    Ponta d'Areia    Going to Mass in the Penha Church    Old Houses in Ponta da Areia

Dreams    Van Gogh Sunflowers    Teles Arch    Trees in the Lagoon    Mass in the Imperial Chapel    Open Window with Flowers    Yellow Tram in Santa Teresa

Curvelo - Santa Teresa    Saint Luzia Church in the Beginning of the 19th Century    Joaquim Silva Street - Lapa    Sunrise from my Window    Lapa Archs in the Middle of the 20th Century    Teles Arch

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