Watercolors 2

Study II - Green Eyes    Study III - Green Eyes    Museum of Modern Art    Cinelândia with Monroe Palace    Barbeiros Alley    Lilies    Vase with Flowers

Vase with Flowers II    Flower Market in the Beginning of the 20th Century    Old Tree Sheltering Red Flowers    Santo Alfredo Street - close to Neves Square    Dilemma    Roses IV    Roses V

Roses VI    Roses VII    Roses VIII    Violets    Windows with Flowers    Windows with Flowers II    Horto House    View from my Balcony

Mercado Street with Tinoco Side Street    Saint Luzia Way and Castelo Hill in the Beginning of the 19th Century    Praia da Bica Little Church viewed from Macumba Beach    On Tiradentes Streets    Santo Antônio Stream - Tiradentes

Forras Bridge over Santo Antônio Stream    Amazônia Square - close to N.S. Nazaré Church    A Street of Tiradentes    Comparative Study    Visconde de Itaboraí Street

In the Company of Herons    Mercado Street    N.S. Nazaré Church - Amazônia Square    N.S. Carmo Church    Ferries Station - Praça XV    Praça XV and Ferries Station

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