Watercolors 3

Ferries Station at Praça XV    Little Farm - Tijuca Forest    N.S. Loreto Hospital    Beauty even with High Wall    Copacabana and Corcovado III    Copacabana and Corcovado IV

Copacabana and Corcovado V    Maria Calas    Side Gate of the Imperial Chapel    Music Group    Figurative-Abstract with Flowers and Foliage    Close to Lapa Arches

Arpoador    Sereno Side Street    A Rose    Another Rose    Roses    Roses II    Praça XV in the Beginning of the 20th Century

Arrangement with Flowers    Boticário Square    Butterfly Garden    Butterfly Garden II    Everyday Life    White Queen Versus Black King    Parque Lage on Sundays

Leme in the Beginning of the 20th Century    Iron Horse in Tiradentes    Iron Horse    Colorful Way    Municipal Theater    Municipal Theater II    Rough Seas

Pão de Açúcar viewed from Marina da Glória    Marina da Glória and Pão de Açúcar    Little Farm with Flowers    Going up the Sereno Side Street    Castro Hill - Santa Teresa    São Clemente Street    Moonlight with Reflection

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