Watercolors 4

Walking in the Morning    Lapa Arches    Glória Market and Clock    Wine Pleasure    Casa da Moeda viewed from Campo de Santana - 1885    In the Garden...    In the Garden... II

In the Garden... III    House in Ilha Grande    Mangrove    São Clemente Street    Tiradentes Square    Chapel of São Roque

Coming back Home    Beach next to the Chapel of São Roque    Flowers Tent    Pão de Açúcar viewed from the Estácio de Sá Monument    Sun, Colors and Reflections    Loneliness Lake

São Martinho Street    Imaginary Landscape    Two Trees in Exhibition    Little Castle - Oswaldo Cruz Foundation    Little Farm with Flowers    Selarón Stairway - Lapa

The Colors Freedom    Sun Rising    Eurídice Street    Corner with Yellow Tree    Leblon Landscape    Downtown in the Lunch Hour

Amarelinho    Saturday in Tiradentes    Between Pão de Açúcar and Corcovado    Little Castle in Flamengo    Pintora Djanira Street    Urca Boat-Yard

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