My Studio(s)

My studio usually starts outdoors, across the streets, lakes, beaches and parks of Rio de Janeiro, and also the other beautiful close cities. When I painted in plein-air, as part of a group, I initiated the most part of my paintings there.

Nowadays I have not painted outdoors. However I did not lose the main characteristcs of this activity, mainly with respect the kind of the observation and the sense of composition. Even indoors I paint as in plein-air. It is like in the series  Playing with Time. 

After that, it goes to a commercial room, where I keep a permanent exhibition. Sometimes I conclude my paints in this room, but I prefer the peaceful atmosphere of my appartment. My studio also includes a basement where I prepare my canvas and make some experiments with pigments and canvas surface. Finally, it ends in my office, where I like to study. Please see below some photos of this particular world of mine.


Our Plein-Air painting group    Painting at the Lapa Arches    Painting at the Lapa Arches    View of a commercial room where I keep a permanent exhibition.

Another view of the room    Another more view    This is the place of my home where I like to paint.    This is the place where I make my canvas.    A view of my office

Another view of my office    One more view