There was a day that painting followed parallel to my career. I did not really like when people said it was a hobby. It was not. Although enjoyable, it was a professional activity and also very important. Currently, the opposite occurs. Painting is my main activity. Writing books has been the only link wich remains with my old profession. It is also very pleasant (but not a hobby).

Please see these books below (all of them are in portuguese). The first one is a painting book, whose chapters can be downloaded here. The second was edited by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and is not more available. The others can be purchased at the   "Livraria da Física".

Painting beyond the brush    Special Relativity    Classical Mechanics    Calculus - To understand and using    Mathematics for Physicists - Volume I    Mathematics for Physicists - Volume II

Classical Mechanics - 2nd edition    Thinking with Mathematics    Electromagnetic Theory - Classical Part    Field Theory - Quantum Part    Basic Physics - Book 1    Basic Physics - Book 2

Basic Physics - Book 3