Seascapes 1

Canavieiras - Bahia    Southwest Wind    Ferry    Caju - An Old Fishing Place    Fishing with Herons

Fishing Boats in Urca Boat-Yard    Varal (an old fishing place)    Caju Dock viewed from the Bom Jesus Island    Ferries in Praça XV Station    Bridge to Cobras Island

Rio viewed from the Fiscal Island    Fishing in the Guanabara Bay    Marambaia Isthmus    Saint José Fort    Sailboat in the Navy Cultural Group

Red Beach    Urca Boat-Yard    Fishing Boats    Pão de Açúcar viewed from Aterro    Ponta da Areia I

Jurujuba    Ponta da Areia II    Glória Boat-Yard    Gragoatá Fort

Conceição Island    Conceição Island    Bridge of Urca Boat-Yard    Jurujuba    Adam and Eve Beach

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