About Some Old Paintings

The first painting, after my return in the middle of 1990, was done in Álvaro Xavier's studio boat, where I attended some classes. It was a still life with some vegetables. The drawing took almost all the first class. I would like to go ahead but I was advised to stop there. In second class, also following the Xavier's advisory, I began by painting the dark parts with a diluted mixing of oil and turpentine. I do not remember if I went to some final steps at that class. So, everything happened inside this methodical way. However, I find important to mention that, except the drawing, I did not all that painting alone. In fact, it contains just a few of the initial strokes of mine. Besides of this, I guessed I should keep it as a souvenir. The same I had done with some others, but, as I told, they were destroyed by termites. So, from that time of formal classes (wich took about six months), it just remains this still life.

The paintings displayed below are those of my initial serious activities, wich already began in the next year, 1991. Contarily to the those, the paintings below were done just by myself. I have the register of two of them by 1991. One is the first of the sequence (also destroyed by termites). The other one still exists but is not with me. The conscience for taking pictures of my paintings started at 1992. However, I have not done this with those from the plein-air competitions because either they were acquired by the sponsors or were donated to the organizers. Beside of this, I could keep some of them and I have their photos. I also find opportune to mention that I was an assiduous participant in plein-air competitions till the begining of 1999. It was an incredible experience.

Another point I would like to mention is that almost all the paintings below are on the walls of my home. Actually, there are no recent paintings there. The most recent one dates back to 1997. It is clear that I could replace all of them from time to time, but I can't. I would miss them.


Plein Air Competition in Army (REI)    Plein Air Competition in Guaratiba Stone    Plein Air Competition in Administration of Maricá City    1st Art Exhibition in the 21° GAC (Army)    Empress House - Horto

Plein Air Competition at Navy School (Angra do Reis)    Manguezal    Engenhoca Beach    Comércio Side Street    Gonçalves Ledo Street

Glória Church    Mercadores Street

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