Landscapes 2

Getúlio Bar    Close to Arches of Lapa    Flowers in September 7th Street    White House with Yellow Tree    Teles Arch    Lapa Arches

Living at Riverside    Mercadores Street    General Tibúrcio Square with Rain    Mercado Street    7 Setembro Street    Zoo on Sundays    Gloria Monastery viewed from Aterro

Curvelo - Santa Teresa    Lake and Museum at the Zoo    Glória Monastery    Peaceful Home Atmosphere    Glória Market and Clock    Misericórdia Hill I

Albamar    Glória Monastery viewed from Nossa Senhora Hill    Misericórdia Hill II    Misericórdia Hill III    Misericórdia Hill and Misericórdia Square    Glória Market and Clock

Aterro on Sandays    Comércio Side Street    Iron Horse    An Entrance to Ordem Terceira do Carmo    Sereno Side Street    Flowers Tent    Suruí Railroad Crossing    Passos Avenue with Alfândega Street

Passos Avenue with Passos Street    Tijuca Park    Teatro Street    Loneliness Lake - Tijuca Park    Close to Horto    Living at Riverside - Furnas    Little Fall - Tijuca Park    Municipal Theater

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