Landscapes 7

Imperial Chapel    Câmara Street and Saint Antônio Church    Aterro on Sandays    Landscape with Cyan, Magenta and Yellow    Iron Horse in Tiradentes

Sereno Side Street    Vivid Memories of Little Farm III - Tijuca Park    Cavé House Now Pink    Entrance to Tijuca Park - version 2    Moulin Rouge    Misericórdia Hill    Neves Church

Municipal Theater and Little Yellow Bar    Colors in a Rainy Day    Saint Antônio Monastery in the Fall    Army School Hospital - AMAN    Teles Arch and Imagination    Old House in the Lavradio Street    Rio de Janeiro with Much Sun

Pintora Djanira Street and Neves Square    Window with Flowers    Peaceful Nature    View from the Copacabana Fort    Sunrise from my Window    Forras Bridge and Saint Antônio Stream

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